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  1. gimmeacall answered: nacrissa…! rita is slimy, at least nacrissa knows she’s evil ;)
  2. daylover answered: Gotta go with Rita. Her descriptions in the books are the best.
  3. deroom answered: rita skeeter :D
  4. mellifluousyates answered: RITA!
  5. commonfleur answered: rita skeeter!
  6. taimeje answered: rita skeeter! :D
  7. jajalobster answered: rita skeeter :)
  8. funnycurlers answered: narcissa malfoy
  9. allow-me-to-teachyouright answered: narcissa malfoy.
  10. chugga answered: MALFOY!
  11. itsaclassyday answered: rita skeeter!!!!!!!
  12. sortorial answered: narcissa!
  13. lndrbrntt answered: narcissa!
  14. kharon answered: rita skeeter
  15. lookatmenowww answered: narcissa malfoy
  16. scissorsandsapphires answered: narcissa!
  17. alejandram-lara answered: narcissa malfoy
  18. larastonepussy answered: rita!!!
  19. collectingbottlecaps answered: rita skeeter
  20. dressinginthedark answered: narcissa
  21. notimeforshame answered: rita mothereffin skeeter! for sure
  22. explodingstardust answered: narcissa malfoy <3
  23. iwishmynamewasflorence answered: Narcissa
  24. memoirsofmycuriouslife answered: rita skeeter!!! i’m loving the HP kick :D
  25. tropdetout answered: NARCISSA!!!!!
  26. castlestyx answered: narcissa malfoy, plz.
  27. coco-tapioca answered: narcissa malfoy!!
  28. dailycaffeine answered: rita skeeter, rita skeeter, rita skeeter! can’t wait for this.
  29. vincentjoman answered: narcissa malfoy
  30. allidesu answered: narcissa
  31. gonnagetrealfarkid answered: Rita Skeeter.
  32. foreignspell answered: Rita!
  33. foxling answered: narcissa all the way
  34. mehhweh answered: narcissa
  35. partycats answered: Narcissa Malfoy!!
  36. slayerspice answered: Narcissa!
  37. heloiseagrippina answered: Narcissa!!
  38. anna-therese answered: MALFOY
  39. lydia-deetz answered: rita!!
  40. lifeisafatalillness answered: Rita Skeeter!
  41. dorkisaliosis answered: rita skeeter!
  42. karifairy answered: Skeeter!
  43. ownsyou answered: Sookie Stackhouse :P
  44. lauraencantada answered: narcissa!
  45. plunderingdesire answered: narcissa malfoy
  46. birdwings answered: AH TOO HARD TOO HARD.
  47. blo0odlust answered: narcissa malfoy
  48. missdeets answered: Narcissa Malfoy
  49. dolce-and-goobana answered: rita!