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  3. concreterunway answered: Now I know they aren’t a man but I love to see your take of Hatsumomo from Memoirs of a Geisha
  4. spacewontsmash answered: kirosawa/mifune - japanese film of the 60s
  5. nicolettemason answered: Icarus
  6. erikangstrom answered: Malcolm X…or James Dean
  7. indybendy answered: Edward Scissors Hands
  8. risachrisha answered: no suggestions . sorry
  9. shymiraw answered: i think boys should wear more blazers
  10. fancyfreshjday answered: Einstein!
  11. causing answered: Scott Summers (X-Men), Mahatma Gandhi, Perseus, and Mao Zedong
  12. dreamlifefactory answered: dorian gray
  13. rcglasses answered: The White Knight from Through the Looking Glass, Fred Peloux from Cheri, Fiyero from Wicked?
  14. vikandala answered: Romeo
  15. gaws answered: I don’t know how old this is. But whats up? Can I.
  16. modernholiday answered: Napoleon Bonaparte
  17. wearforwhere answered: Phineas or Gene from a Separate Peace.
  18. paperback answered: Vronsky!
  19. jeremy123- answered: lol
  20. histoireful answered: julius caesar
  21. cheaprent answered: Dali
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