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  1. hollystair answered: linda fargo has the best freaking hair
  2. calivintage answered: weee! i love your video of the show. makes me wish i was there…
  3. twinb answered: although I’m not a fan of the hats I thought it was very nice!
  4. samheartnewyork answered: not bad— a bit typical for a resort show
  5. manicpixiedreamcat answered: Your grandmother is my idol!
  6. fairphantom answered: classy. I agree that 0:49 is one of the best, though I am also a fan of the voluminous green gown. hurray for mid-heels! I live in them.
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  8. notexactly answered: It was a great show.
  9. dotsdopery answered: love it
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    Oh it’s AMAZING. And there’s a dress at 0:27 I think which I sketched out during my fashion designer phase during Form...
  11. commonbloggers answered: test?
  12. lovepuppy said: SO SO good!
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