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  1. balticmonkeys answered: holly golightly from breakfast at tiffany’s
  2. crackcandy answered: norwegian wood
  3. balldancer answered: Try the characters from “The Beautiful and Damned” by F. Scott Fitzgerald :)
  4. sydneyscott answered: julius caesar
  5. awakeningsun answered: bono!
  6. mypretty-floral-bonnet answered: Buttercup from the Princess Bride
  7. colettesmom answered: Marchesa Casati???
  8. aspookykyogre answered: Clockwork Angel- Jessamine Lovelace
  9. aviatormermaids answered: Clarissa Darling
  10. thatnoteisoffkey answered: Alex Delarge from Clockwork Orange or Mary Jane Watson from Spider Man
  11. lisashayne answered: Redo Wendy or do Tiger Lily from Peter Pan?
  12. yelleksemaj answered: Tavi or Elle Fanning!
  13. camelliasmells answered: Clay from Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero (not the new Clay, the old Clay).
  14. vstheworld answered: sherlock holmes!
  15. garotaiinfernal answered: Cada um com a sua opiniao se vc n gosta do q le aqui fazer oq n estou aqui pra agradar a todos entao TOMA BEM TOMADO NO TEU CU SAI FORA.
  16. unabbyridged answered: Don Vito Corleone
  17. thugboat answered: Satine, Moulin Rouge
  18. assortedmalaise answered: You’ve managed to do 3 characters from The Odyssey but not the main character! (Polyphemus, obviously).
  19. alostbee answered: Hercules, King Henry the IIX
  20. altheasillustrations answered: what about Richard Mayhew of Neil Gaiman’s book Neverwhere? :)
  21. jet--set-go answered: Blanche Dubois from A Streetcar Named Desire :)
  22. twinb answered: marla singer from fight club, rio (as in the duran duran song) :)
  23. ion-squared answered: Any of the characters from Disney’s Aladdin. Or Ella, from Gail Carson Levine’s novel Ella Enchanted. The book is way better than the movie.
  24. moodswingbabyb answered: Lolita from Nabokov’s novel “Lolita”. She has a cute yet feminine style that I think many people will like!
  25. amberdino answered: have you read hunger games? I think you’d enjoy if you haven’t, and would make for some good character posts.
  26. thislifestartsnow answered: Jasmine from Aladdin, A Simpsons Character…Mr. Burns?, Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter), Cinderella or her Stepsisters, Marie Curie
  27. cookiedough10105 answered: When in doubt choose Buffy :)
  28. powderspice answered: mona lisa? or is that stoops magoops
  29. thingstotellmyroommate answered: Cady Harran, Regina George, Gretchen Weiners, or Karen from “Mean Girls”
  30. pavaner answered: Emma from my favourite fairy tale as a kid (The frog princess by ED Baker) or Veronika (Veronika decides to die by Paulo Coelho)
  31. cheaprent answered: Racine’s Andromaque
  32. sammytakesthecake answered: DC heroes!
  33. lapetitefigue answered: mary lennox — the secret garden
  34. tropdetout answered: Ramona Quimby, Nicola fr Amis’ London Fields, the unnamed narrator of Bright Lights, Big City, or Coraline
  35. lofosho answered: Harriet The Spy, or any of the girls from The Poisonwood Bible
  36. dstorres13 said: how about doing a biblical character? like Jesus. or Mary Magdalene?
  37. dstorres13 answered: how about doing a biblical character?
  38. pointyheels answered: how about one of the Greek goddesses (Aphrodite and company) from ‘Percy Jackson’?
  39. rickcohen answered: have you ever read “world war z”? or… um… right now i’m listening to the batman soundtrack (the one with jack nicholson as the joker?).
  40. mac1892 answered: Thor or Vlad Tepes
  41. walkingtowardfisterra answered: Howsabout Star Wars’s Princess Leia?
  42. ofgeography answered: evelyn o’connel (the mummy)!
  43. clarificent answered: harriet the spy/ole golly, her nanny
  44. burymeingivenchy answered: Ponyboy - The Outsiders
  45. thatkindofwoman answered: Mary of Pride & Prejudice. She’s so straight laced, but yearning for attention.