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  1. xoxoreagan answered: hellohellodesign? used to be called today i bought? hope this helps!
  2. hapiloser answered: was she a chinese girl Nancy Zhang? xiaoxizhang.com
  3. suzs answered: who showed you my closet in sketches first?
  4. regressioncurve answered: it’s my best friend’s blog! www.mycl…
  5. dressmepolly answered: www.litt…
  6. alliemoon answered: i don’t know about tumblr, but the only person i follow who does this is an illustrator who goes by nancy: xiaoxizhang.com
  7. krystalfontanez answered: hellohellodesign ?
  8. sarsann answered: unknownhipster.com
  9. slaughtered answered: Are you talking about “My Closet in Sketches”?
  10. pian-sparking answered: Chinese girl Nancy Zhang? she’s really cool
  11. www-tumblr-register-com answered: um i dont know sory
  12. thecollegeprepster answered: me- duh ;) thecollegeprepster.tumb…
  13. bevinsays answered: littletinsoldier? littletinsoldier.com
  14. finditinanatlas answered: my closet in sketches.
  15. whatwouldoharawear said: Garance Dore?
  16. aprilbethia answered: The Sea of Fertility?
  17. staleymc said: Is it myclosetinsketches.tumblr.com? She’s really good!
  18. cafehoney answered: oh! I think I know who you are talking about? Is it Nancy Zhang on Lookbook? xiaoxizhang.com
  19. blackberryvision answered: littletinsoldier.tumblr… ??
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