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  1. weatherall answered: Melanie Ward?
  2. dstorres13 answered: you should do Giovanna Battaglia. to celebrate her move to New York.
  3. oioioioioioioioioioioio answered: alexandre herchcovitch SERIA IDEAL
  4. fashionmirage answered: Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, Tavi
  5. starworksartists answered: Tavi Gevinson
  6. a-year-a-broad answered: Tavi?
  7. ch-heartjz4 reblogged this from textbook
  8. sirenssweetlysinging answered: Taylor Tomasi-Hill
  9. alamodealex answered: Julia Frakes!
  10. socialsurvival answered: Mary Kate Steinmiller
  11. whitenoiseandblacklight answered: alexa chung!
  12. alittlesliceoflife answered: Joanna Coles or Nina Garcia?
  13. the-ohh answered: THE O|H?
  14. wearforwhere answered: Maybe Hamish Bowles or Joe Zee?
  15. slaughterhouselive answered: PEACHES GELDORF
  16. katebow answered: Isabella Blow? I think the anniversary of her death is coming up soon.
  17. fairbyfate said: oh! BryanBoy would be fun.
  18. fairbyfate answered: Christine Centenera for sure. Love her.
  19. appetiteforattraction answered: Joanna Hillman!
  20. bexmarie answered: Andre Leon Talley would be fun.
  21. ksquared answered: Amanda Lepore!
  22. kkhuong answered: taylor tomasi hill, shala monroque, robert rabensteiner, hamish bowles, giovanna battaglia, yasmin sewell
  23. megallo answered: sarah jessica parker <3
  24. glitterygapske answered: Taylor Tomasi Hill
  25. tropdetout answered: Taylor Tomasi Hill, Humberto Leon, or perhaps Miss Julia Frakes? Aren’t you kids buddies irl?
  26. thp1979 answered: hm
  27. highroller answered: Natalia Alaverdian, Hanneli Mustaparta, Kat Lanphear, Taylor Tomasi or Clemence Posey
  28. p-catz answered: Anna Piaggi!
  29. miesoterica answered: 1) wna ask how to make this kinda post? (othr can gve answr to ur post). 2) I suggest, Zooey Deschanel!
  30. alotofnicethings answered: What about Virginia Smith or Meredith Melling Burke from Vogue? Or Mary Kate Steinmiller from Teen Vogue.
  31. somniloquy answered: andre leon talley
  32. summerfridaynyc answered: my friend rogan
  33. janeleslieco answered: Julia Frakes! But we’re biased…
  34. justrebellion answered: nina garcia
  35. lizhunt answered: Hi John! I was thinking Shala Monroque. Her outfits are always fascinating!
  36. sarazucker answered: gloria baume/taylor tomasi-hill
  37. darklamb answered: anna piaggi
  38. mariellie answered: simon doonan!
  39. shecamealong answered: i think elie saab would be a great addition.. love the previous posts btw
  40. goldengleam answered: Karl Lagerfeld
  41. thepartydress answered: bonnie morrison aka @fiercegrandma
  42. textbook posted this