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  3. paperbacklover said: I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but it sounds like an awesome idea!
  4. irubyou said: please don’t mix up Chinese and other cultures. M Butterfly is Japanese and Miss Saigon is Vietnamese. I suggest the story of the White Snake=]
  5. pussyfoot said: Have you heard of the Chinese legend of Chang E? There are a lot of adaptations of this story, but in all of them, Chang E floats to the moon. Here’s a version: thelotussutrachronicles…
  6. antibromide said: Haruki Murakami’s work is worth looking into. After Dark is a quick read with strong characters and Kafka on the Shore is beyond amazing.
  7. notexactly said: Try Journey of the West, a Chinese novel about the Monkey King, for starters. The graphic novel American Born Chinese has a great abridgment of the story, albeit in relationship to the graphic novel’s plot.
  8. npclaridad said: the few asian theatre ventures: Pacific Overtures (Sonhdeim), any play by David Henry Hwang (esp. M. Butterfly), along with the more commercial Miss Saigon & The King and I…oh and the slightly racist Flower Drum Song…:)
  9. lulalulalulalula said: Memoirs of a Geisha…
  10. xdilatory said: The peking opera Xishi is a good one — I saw it in Beijing performed by Mei Lanfeng’s grandson and it was really good. Empowering women of ancient times.
  11. lovepuppy said: Dream of Red Chambers/Story of the Stone. One of China’s greatest novels (i took a whole course on it in college)
  12. lucaluca said: MULAN. Actually, disney characters in general. GO.
  13. jackinthepocketblog said: Highly recommend The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Marukami.
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