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  2. paperbacklover answered: To be honest, the Spades look more personable and not as elitist. M double G only partially swaded me, I swear ;)
  3. nicolewankel answered: The Spades - they look true and goofy
  4. typed-for-miles answered: The Spades. Natch.
  5. writethoughtswriteactions answered: THE SPADES.
  6. katieae answered: definitely the spades! lots of personality and have way better style
  7. betterdaughter answered: criminal minds guy was a model?! definitely the spades.
  8. thebriefwondrouslifesofme answered: the hilfigers look rather fabulous
  9. hollice answered: spades, for the win!
  10. lles answered: Iā€™d rather meet up with the Spades any day
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  12. elysekthomp answered: hilfigers :)
  13. littlemissellie answered: The spades look like they would feed you and give you love, the Hilfigers look like they would haze you…just sayin’
  14. katespade-aholic answered: Spades of course! Love the red cape too!
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  16. hey-brooke said: the spades look like they know how to be an actual family. the hilfigers look like they got issues.
  17. angelanoori answered: I too would meet up with the Spades. The HIlfigers are not cohesive and the ad itself is just too much.
  18. suckmynonexistentc0ck answered: spades
  19. foreignspell answered: John! I like the Kate better; the Tommy looks like a Ralph Lauren copy, per usual. Is that Matthew Gray Gubler in the Kate ad?
  20. carcrash-cupcakes answered: The Spades rather seem more authentic. Of course, I vote Matthew Gray Grubler any day:)
  21. tropdetout answered: Spades. Cause then I’d be able to hangout with Matthew Gray Gubler :)
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  23. graceyu answered: the spades, of course! they’re in line with the whole salinger-esque new york! where can i find the entire campaign?
  24. justinethemiscreant answered: Hmm explicit pretention poorly masked behind sunglasses and underfed women and beagles? Kate Spade clearly wins.
  25. kfritz reblogged this from textbook and added:
    Spades by far. The old ads are stunning, and sometimes I will browse the Partners and Spade portfolio to reminisce.
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    The Hilfigers look like more fun, but the Spades look like they got connections. haha.
  27. thepartydress answered: The spades! Cheeky and clever. Oh and the Missoni Campaigns are wonderful family portraits as well.
  28. lolitsvictoria answered: Spades, def.
  29. deerdeerdeerr answered: Please note that Matthew Gray Gubler is part of the Spade family. So, I obviously like the Spades more.
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    team spades.
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  32. slashandburn answered: spades!
  33. jasmined said: I’d rather meed The Spades any day, if only because one of them is portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler, and I just lurve him.