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  4. pink-elephantz answered: are their any manly things for hagrid? or like distressed for ron? god those are both men. okay um…delores umbridge?dora tonks?rita skeeter
  5. karifairy answered: Lavender Brown
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  7. amberdino answered: weasley twins?
  8. basicallyfromscratch answered: cho chang!
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  10. maleemoua answered: CHO CHANG ALL THE WAY! :)
  11. churntheocean answered: Have you done Ginny before? Or maybe Molly?
  12. voldemelon answered: Cho Chang? Or maybe even the Patil Twins? OR GINNY WEASLEY! OR MOLLY! Sorry, I’m too excited for these HP outfits and descriptions you’ve got
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  14. natalieejean answered: ginny!!!!
  15. floral-sperm answered: RON :)
  16. tothelibrary answered: Tonks or Ginny
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    textbook - BEST TUMBLR EVER - great call refinery29! can’t wait for HP7!!!!! :D :D :D
  18. crayola--skies answered: Ginny Weasley!
  19. lizziekate answered: TONKS!!
  20. madeleinelily answered: I’m in love with that marni dress
  21. zarakhan answered: Professor Umbridge could be interesting! ROCK ON DUDE your blog rules :)
  22. fake--conversations answered: awesome! :) you should do the trio.
  23. littlelotusloves answered: I would be super excited if you did Gatsby characters. Thats my favorite book
  24. thesmithereens answered: Neville!
  25. tonicat answered: Tonks, Ginny or Molly!
  26. encee answered: McGonagall!
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  28. sesigsss answered: Tonks!