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  1. sonieska answered: si, creo que puede ser interesante ver un tumblr que refleje otros aspectos de tu vida y personalidad además de tu gusto por ell diseño.
  2. mikomango answered: yes…i just got here, directed from another site, and it’s not what i thought it would be BECAUSE of your random musings. :-/
  3. qtparty answered: For all I say. It will be hassle to handle two blogs at once and might neglect one of them!
  4. fuckbamboowhatever answered: i like the mix of both. whether it’s kept together or on separate tumblrs wouldn’t really matter much; i’d still follow both :)
  5. re-summerlove answered: I think it’s alright to have your random musing in textbook!
  6. jhkl answered: please don’t! i love your tumblr just how it is now
  7. veloeellois answered: yes :) double the fun!
  8. foreverneverr answered: I thinkit’s a good idea !
  9. alittlestringaroundmyfinger answered: yeah, but I’d follow both on tumblr. because I like both aspects of your blog..
  10. mellifluousyates answered: YES!
  11. beginneradventurer answered: yeaahhh
  12. justrebellion answered: well, i’d love and follow them both… the personal one would be god to get some more insight into your charm ;)
  13. fake--conversations answered: yeah, i think so.
  14. leadencirclesdissolve answered: I don’t mind the two being together. I mean, fashion is such a huge part of your life, so it makes sense for it to be together.
  15. phonebook answered: naw this be good
  16. anytime-will-do answered: yes
  17. elysiamann answered: no! continue textbook how it is. you have a great balance of fashion and personal going.
  18. givememycoffeecup answered: no, I think this one is fine
  19. thisjesstenn answered: I’m cool with whatever makes life easier for you =)
  20. dulma answered: ya
  21. marshmallow-fires answered: But fashion is such an epic part of your life it might end up that your personal tumblr is lacking something.
  22. musicis1ife answered: nope make it a mix. that makes things better
  23. lucaluca answered: Yes. And I say that as your friend.
  24. serarthurdayne-archive answered: I’d love it either way!!
  25. lovepuppy answered: I think you have more monetization prospects if you keep them separate. When it gets too personal, it’s harder to sponsor.
  26. howtotalktogirlsatparties answered: Yes.
  27. thewraithingsouth answered: Yes.
  28. skypirates answered: No , your personaity obviously influences your fashion taste. Although I would follow a private one if you did make one :)
  29. sapochat answered: Nah
  30. somefashionjunk answered: no!
  31. foxling answered: Yes
  32. megburns answered: yes
  33. shelovesyoublog answered: I love all your posts! :)
  34. suckmynonexistentc0ck answered: of course man, why not :) there;s gotta be something more to you than fashion. you really should, tumblr is a great place for that
  35. jessicachu answered: From my experience, keep it together—splitting it up splits traffic (I mean, if you’re worred about numbers and such).
  36. surrealsermons answered: Naw, you’re fine as is, dude.
  37. ownsyou answered: I am happy to read person and non personal things on this current tumblr as it is much easier! :)
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