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  1. fairphantom answered: nooooooooooo
  2. alilouisa answered: Nooooooooooo!!!! It combines my favourite things in the whole world - literature and fashion….!
  3. joedoe answered: please leave.
  4. cationic answered: noooooooooooo i like you just where you are, sir!
  5. serarthurdayne-archive answered: NO NO NO NO NO. that is not allowed :)
  6. juliabunny answered: hopefully the new update will address all the glitches…?
  7. tigersweater answered: Don’t. I just stumbled across you today. It’s a good blog. Meant for Tumblr.
  8. magpeelsmusings answered: noooooooo!!!
  9. dylpascdr answered: noooooooooooooooo
  10. theayang answered: good idea..
  11. ragstoreverie answered: Tumblr is convenient but goddamn, there are so many glitches on this site! I’ll still read your blog if you move. :)
  12. givememycoffeecup answered: why?
  13. powderspice answered: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(
  14. maxette answered: I think Tumblr is to help images circulate and any other blog is for… everything else. What’s your game? You’ll be in my Greader either way
  15. joankim answered: nooo tumblr’s the shit
  16. lambpire answered: Ridiculous.
  17. lovepuppy answered: no!!!!
  18. demulabel answered: tumblr is more fun than any other blogs , I have a blogger account and you dont get nearly as much interaction.
  19. martianinvasion answered: NOOOOOOOOOO. I love your posts.
  20. notangelou answered: Ahem, to where?
  21. therearenousernames answered: NO!!
  22. afightforloveandglory answered: no. nononononononono. no. please.
  23. valentrinatapia said: noooo. but if you do, keep this around as a supplement!
  24. the-winter-captain answered: pleaseeee don’t!!
  25. everyonehasablog answered: nooooo. kind of don’t blame you there though. what alternatives do you have in mind?
  26. designgood answered: do whatever the fuck you want
  27. polar-effect answered: nooooooooo. stay hereee
  28. marshmallow-fires answered: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I’ll miss you on my dash!
  29. qtparty answered: no ):
  30. wildrosenarrative answered: noo yous is the highlight of my tumbr dashboard!
  31. cesslea answered: what about have blog and tumblr? would be better :)
  32. kanecockoo answered:
  33. waterweedworldpeace answered: if you do you’ll have to send me the link! i love your blog :]
  34. jhkl answered: please don’t! thank you!
  35. natalie-purslow-photography answered: why don’t you keep this one and have another somewhere else ??
  36. 8701 answered: where would you go?
  37. notexactly answered: Don’t really care, but not Blogspot and not LiveJournal. Paid Wordpress or SquareSpace are best.
  38. tropdetout answered: Nooooooooooooooooo
  39. truettogden said: I said “Don” but I mean’t “Don’t!”
  40. truettogden answered: Don
  41. kaylawicker answered: where?
  42. maraudersmafioso answered: No!!! I love your blog :)
  43. nickelcobalt answered: nooooo
  44. buttsweatandtears answered: sauce status seems weakened.
  45. passions-misgivings-wants answered: my dashboard would miss you terribly!
  46. hazel answered: If you do (which I’m hoping won’t happen) don’t go to Blogspot! Customizing is such a bitch over there
  47. mangkukulam-mestiza answered: no
  48. notenoughhangers said: good idea.
  49. genesisloizaga answered: AWESOME
  50. lisafree answered: if you do- keep posting links in this tumblr so we can click over!