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  1. thenewblackk answered: the fashionisto!
  2. singlewordstoyou answered: Não entendi meu blog aqui, pode me explicar ?
  3. jibstar answered: topman
  4. aliceinfishnets answered: The Sartorialist and BryanBoy (Are fashion blogs written by men considered men’s fashion blogs…)
  5. truettogden answered: theshoebuff.com
  6. amberdino answered: sartorially inclined / htttgap
  7. tropdetout answered: more of an inspiration blog but wecouldgrowuptogether.b… is great
  8. closetcollage answered: JUSTJR its the best!
  9. moyenorient answered: urbane menswear
  10. sighmen answered: wecouldgrowuptogether.b… !!
  11. dash-dot-dash answered: poliopoliopolio
  12. devinpbarrett answered: 00o00.blogspot.com
  13. thestylemarket answered: fuckyeahouterwear
  14. kaylawicker answered: scotchandplaid.blogspot…
  15. jmirandamarquez answered: style.com
  16. bodasoaxaca answered: hi, no! brides blog
  17. leadencirclesdissolve answered: putthison.tumblr.com
  18. designgood answered: thealwaysgentleman.tumb…
  19. divaturgy answered: love The Fashionisto
  20. trendssetters answered: hypebeast!
  21. mariellie answered: putthison, ivy style, unabashedly prep (coed)
  22. nomediahype answered: howtotalktogirlsatparties on tumblr
  23. backofhouse answered: valetmag.com
  24. blacksxjack answered: STEEL MACHINES
  25. sarazucker answered: exceptforthisone.tumblr.com
  26. prettylovely answered: www.putt…
  27. justinvirgil answered: Gentlemenstyle.tumblr.com
  28. lazy-flower answered: a continuous lean, street etiquette, mister mort
  29. justzureen answered: It’s not exactly a men’s fashion blog but it’s a fashion blog by a man :) The Sartorialist. thesartorialist.blogspo…
  30. notexactly answered: Valet style section and Heavy Tweed Jacket
  31. josefinabonaparte answered: modapobre.tumblr.com .This
  32. sexmebritney answered: i’m new here , dont have atm.
  33. hydeordie answered: putthison
  34. textbook posted this