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  1. ment4lmystics answered: YOUR DICK.
  2. se-ren-di-pity answered: Georgiana Cavendish or Marie Antoinette Please!! :)
  3. lunamilati answered: What would Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz Wear?
  4. oftheye answered: Tom Riddle
  5. worsethanmybreakup answered: Dorothea Brooke from Middlemarch
  6. brutalb answered: Katniss Everdeen, Navi (From Legend of Zelda), or any of the girls from Sucker Punch.
  7. thetexpatriate answered: Mary Magdelene
  8. goodvibesandsummerwishes answered: Nancy Drew :)
  9. modernshorty answered: Jack Kerouac
  10. fingersneedtoknit answered: elizabeth bennet!
  11. vogue-flowers answered: brigitte bardot
  12. bloohmai answered: I would like to see Scarlett Martin from Suite Scarlett in a post. She is one of my all time fav characters in all the books I’ve read! Thx
  13. thefashionfishbowl answered: Hamlet :)
  14. unicornfarts135 answered: Irene Adler; Sherlock Holmes
  15. doodliness answered: Hester Prynne from Scarlet Letter
  16. effacentatious answered: Toru Okada from The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, a kappa from Japanese mythology, Gandalf and Aragorn from Lord of the Rings… or Sauron lol
  17. prishuz answered: myself .
  18. emccutchan said: How about sticking with Ayn Rand - this time We Are Living: Kira Argounova, Leo Kovalensky or Andrei Taganov
  19. wolseys answered: Elizabeth Swann - Pirates of the Caribbean
  20. lembrandovoce answered: kkk
  21. nfolse answered: Jordan Baker-The Great Gatsby
  22. napsandbooze answered: Margot from Paper Towns by John Green
  23. richgirlproblems answered: Dagny Taggart!
  24. castoutqueen answered: Kitty Fane from The Painted Veil
  25. xdilatory answered: Franz Kafka
  26. thehuntbeautiful answered: Mary Lennox, from The Secret Garden. I’m a sucker for that book…
  27. karlablossom answered: kaley cuoco…:)
  28. simples-e-complicada answered: Do not quite understand
  29. minimumpoliteness answered: Tess Durbeyfield - Tess of the d’Urbervilles
  30. iamtiredofmoney answered: me?
  31. pointyheels answered: Katniss Everdeen!!!!
  32. thehunchbacklamp answered: Emily Dickinson